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What is my password?

Your default student password is the first two characters of your last name (first letter capitalized, second letter lowercase) and your birthday, MMDDYYYY. If your last name is Smith and your birthday is November 4, 1985, your default password is Sm11041985.  (Employees should see the Account Activation Email they received).

How do I activate my account?

You should fill out the “Account Activation Instructions” then view the tutorial “Activate Account New Users Only”. Follow the “StormTrac Password Management” link to the right and sign up for the password reset service. This will allow you to reset your password if you forget it by answering a few security questions.

I forgot my password, now what?

You should view the tutorial “Forgot Password”. Once you have activated your account visit the “StormTrac Password Management” link to the right and click on the “Forgot password?” link.  Enter your username and answer your security questions.

How long is my email account active?

Email is available for as long as a student is actively enrolled in a course.  Your StormTrac email should be used for college business and will not be available once you are no longer enrolled.

My name changed, when will my StormTrac account change?

Once you have submitted the paperwork to the student records department and it has been processed, your StormTrac username will change at the end of the current term.