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Here at Davidson-Davie, we continue to follow CDC guidance to keep our campus as safe as possible from the risks of COVID-19. Thank you for all you do every day to protect yourself, your family and friends, and the campus community.

The following are key elements of our COVID safety approach:

If you feel sick or know you have been exposed to COVID, get tested. Remember that COVID symptoms – especially for those who are vaccinated – can be very mild, like a cold. Quarantine is no longer required for those who have been exposed, but you should get tested after 5 days and wear a well-fitted mask for 10 days.

If you test positive for COVID, you should not come to campus and should isolate yourself from others for at least 5 days, with Day 0 being the day your symptoms start (or the day you test positive if no symptoms are present). On Day 6, if your symptoms are resolving and you have been fever-free for 24 hours without fever-reducing medicine, you may return to campus in a well-fitted mask, which you should wear through Day 10. Consult a medical professional about your isolation period if you have moderate or severe symptoms, are hospitalized, or are immunocompromised.

Masks are optional on campus but remain an important tool for reducing exposure, especially for those at high-risk or working to protect others at home. We encourage any who want to take this optional precaution to do so.

We also encourage all employees and students to be vaccinated against COVID and to get booster doses when eligible. Vaccinations help protect you from serious illness and death and they reduce the spread of COVID to others.  Visit Vaccines.gov for a complete database of vaccine providers.


If you TEST POSITIVE, whether vaccinated or unvaccinated

Day 0
Days 1-5
Days 6-10
Day 11
The day your symptoms start, or if no symptoms, this is the day you take a COVID test.Stay home from school/work and isolate from other peopleReturn to school/work if symptoms are resolving and no fever for 24 hours; wear a well-fitted mask at all times on campusYour isolation/precaution period is over

If you are EXPOSED to someone who tests positive, whether vaccinated or unvaccinated

Day 0
Days 1-5
Days 6-10
Day 11
Your last contact with someone who tests positiveIf no symptoms, return to school/work; wear a well-fitted mask at all times on campus

Get tested on Day 5
If your test is negative, continue wearing a well-fitted mask at all times on campus

If symptoms develop, stay home and get tested again.
Your precaution period is over

Federal emergency CARES Act reports