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Finding the right career is a journey that rarely goes in a straight line. Even if you know exactly where you want to be, there are different ways to get there— and unique circumstances for everyone. Sometimes finding the right direction takes a few zigzags along the way, and even detours can lead to opportunity.

Explore the many certificate, diploma and degree programs that can lead to high-demand, high-income careers.  Let us help find the right direction for you!

College Transfer

A transfer degree from Davidson-Davie will help jumpstart your bachelor’s degree. You’ll earn your foundational credits at an affordable rate and in an environment that will better prepare you for going further in your educational journey. Whether your future studies include the arts/humanities or sciences, our transfer degree options will prepare you for earning a four-year degree.

Business, Accounting & Computers

Whether you’re interested in starting your own business or working in accounting, finance, marketing, production, cybersecurity, computer networking or related fields, Davidson-Davie’s business and computer programs prepare students for the professional world of work. Skills in leadership and management all start with learning how a job functions. These programs give you insights into the challenges and solutions used in today’s workforce.


Davidson-Davie’s Education programs combine your passion for teaching with the skills, theories, and best practices for your future classroom. Our Early Childhood and Infant/Toddler Care programs prepare you to help shape the next generation of learners. If making an impact on young minds is what motivates you, you’ll find Davidson-Davie is equipped to help you make a difference in the lives of your future students.


Engineering is all about discovering, enhancing, and developing how things work. We’ll teach you the key principles and help you gain the necessary technical skills to analyze and problem-solve as an engineer. Engineering involves mathematics, scientific applications, and understanding systems. Davidson-Davie is prepared to equip you with the necessary training and education to pursue entry-level roles in a number of engineering positions.

Health Care and Wellness

There’s a lot more to health care than meets the eye. Yes, we offer several nursing options, but we also offer programs that touch a multitude of other health care areas inside and outside of hospitals. The field of health care is one of the most diverse and includes exciting opportunities such as pharmacy, human and social services, paramedic, health information management and so much more. The medical field continues to grow and thrive and is in need of committed professionals with both technical skills and interpersonal skills.

Law & Public Safety

Many careers in law and public safety fall into the category of civil servants, individuals who take on roles to serve, protect, and help in their communities. Firefighters and police officers are responsible for keeping the public safe. These programs which also include criminal justice and paralegal studies offer you the opportunity to start or advance in fields that serve as the backbone to society.

Skilled Trades

Skilled trades refer to a collective group of skilled labor jobs that require specialized training often over the course of time leading to expertise in specific areas. Some examples are welding, machining, automotive repair, truck driving, and more. Some skilled trades have opportunities for apprenticeships. At Davidson-Davie, you will learn hands-on from day one, starting you on your way to mastering your chosen skill.

Sustainable Agriculture

The Sustainable Agriculture program focuses on fundamentals of agriculture, crop production and business.

Zoo and Aquarium Science

The zoo and aquarium science programs provide hands-on training with live animals and valuable course instruction to prepare you for a career working with animals.

High School Programs

Would you like to begin earning a college degree while you’re still in high school? At Davidson-Davie, you can! Qualified students can take college-level courses.

Short-Term Training

Continuing Education courses engage all areas of academics at Davidson-Davie—arts, sciences, education, health, wellness, public safety, business, engineering, technical studies, and more.


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