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Project Dial Success & Completion Coaching

Who We Are

Completion Coaches assist students with navigating through their challenges at Davidson-Davie. The one-on-one coaching sessions are designed to educate students about college-wide resources and develop personal plans to address each student’s particular needs.

What We Do

How Can A Completion Coach Help?

  • Resource Connections (tutoring, study groups, referrals)
  • Goal-setting
  • Time management/organization
  • Transitioning to College
  • College/Work/Life Balance
  • Understanding College Policies & Procedures
  • Campus Engagement

What’s In It For You?

  • Enhancing personal and academic success
  • Developing time management strategies (planning and prioritizing)
  • Understanding campus resources
  • Enhancing organizational skills
  • Developing self-efficacy
  • Developing skills to overcome procrastination
  • Developing resilience (growth mindset)
  • Becoming self-aware and developing emotional intelligence
  • Developing learning strategies (how to learn and study)