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Completion Information For Students

What is a Completion Coach?

A Completion Coach provides individualized support to help students address academic and non-academic challenges and connect students with appropriate campus and community resources. Each student is required to meet with their coach according to their selected Success Plan found in Starfish. If you are unsure which plan you have, contact your Completion Coach.

Why do I have a Completion Coach?

As a part of the new Project Dial Success program at Davidson-Davie, you were assigned a Completion Coach for the remainder of your journey at the college to support you and help you reach your highest academic and life success.

How does my Completion Coach differ from an Academic Advisor?

Completion Coaches act similarly to Academic Advisors without advising students on course selection and course registration. If you have questions about what courses you should enroll in or take to complete your degree program you should contact your Academic Advisor. However, if you have questions about how to find or maintain success in your current classes you can contact your Completion Coach.

What can my Completion Coach help me with?

  • Navigate and explore Davidson-Davie
  • Connect to campus resources
  • Answer questions when you don’t know where to go
  • Set goals for Davidson-Davie and beyond
  • Sharpen your time-management and organizational skills
    Transition to Davidson-Davie; and/or to your next phase in life
  • Develop a healthy college/work/life balance
  • Get involved and create an unforgettable student experience

Where is my Completion Coach located and how can I schedule an appointment?

You can schedule an appointment with your Completion Coach through Starfish, calling or email. Walk-in appointments are also acceptable. Both Completion Coaches are located in the Mendenhall Building within the Advising Center.