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TRIO Programs

TRIO programs are federally funded programs meant to provide additional support and resources to traditionally underserved populations in the pursuit of higher education goals. TRIO staff provides guidance and additional structure to aid in the successful preparation for and participation in college. Each Davidson-Davie TRIO program served a unique population of students. Visit each page for additional information on what each program offers, who can participate, and how to apply.

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Student Support Services

For Current Davidson-Davie Students

This TRIO program offers eligible current Davidson-Davie students assistance progressing through college. Resources offered include mentorship, on-campus speaker events and workshops, off-campus educational trips and more. Learn more about TRIO Student Support Services.

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Talent Search

For Thomasville and Lexington City Schools, grades 6th – 12th

This TRIO program supports eligible 6th – 12th-grade students attending Thomasville and Lexington City Schools, including those in need of reentry. Talent Search seeks to provide guidance to students interested in pursuing a college education through academic, financial, career and personal counseling opportunities. Learn more about TRIO Talent Search.

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Upward Bound

For Central Davidson High School and West Davidson High Schools, grades 9th -12th

This TRIO program aims to help eligible 9th – 12th-grade students from Central Davidson High School and West Davidson High School of Davie County by providing additional academic support, mentorship, and a summer bridge program for graduates to help them further prepare for college. Learn more about TRIO Upward Bound.