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Teaching Resources

Guiding Teaching Principles

  1. Effective teaching centers on facilitating student learning to meet the requirements of a changing global economy.
  2. Effective teaching is inspirational, providing clear expectations for students regarding learning goals, course policies and assignments
  3. Effective teaching encourages students to engage in critical thinking, reflective reasoning, problem solving, collaboration, and application.
  4. Effective teaching helps students understand how course content is relevant to them and their community throughout their lives, preparing students for enhanced career and educational opportunities
  5. Effective teaching fosters a collegial and dynamic process in which faculty share and learn strategies and approaches focused on improving student learning.
  6. Effective teaching infuses a culture of assessment of student learning into the instructional environment to inform improvements in curriculum, pedagogy, resources and student success.

Online/Remote Instruction Resources

Below are some resources with tips for communicating with students, delivering instruction, and assessing learning online. 

Found a Useful Resource?

If you have found a useful website, tool, or resource during our transition to online/remote instruction, please share it with your colleagues. 

8-Week Calendar Resources

In this Google Drive 8-Week folder, you will find a separate sheet for the first 8-weeks, second 8-weeks, and the full term.  This resource can be helpful as you are transitioning your course to the 8-week format.