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Professional Learning Opportunities

Visit the Learning and Design professional learning calendar to see opportunities to engage with your colleagues.  We welcome all participants!  Have an idea for a session?  Want to lead a workshop?  Reach out to any member of the Learning and Design team.

Effective Teaching Online Course

Effective Teaching Online is an extended online professional learning opportunity to help you design and deliver a great online course. 

You’ll learn how to:

  • Get your students off to a strong start from day one.
  • Overcome the isolation and anonymity that can plague an online course.
  • Design a visually appealing, easily navigable course page.
  • Develop meaningful opportunities for active learning.
  • Give effective feedback.
  • Align learning objectives, content, and assessments so your students know what they are doing and why.
  • Become a video ninja.
  • Use our Q-Review tool to self-evaluate your course and get free instructional design assistance.

Duration: 9 weeks.

Where: Fully online via Moodle. Asynchronous with weekly due dates.

Time Investment: Approximately 3-4 hours per week.

How to Register: Simply complete the Effective Teaching Online registration form.

Why Take the Course?

  • To become a better online instructor.
  • To learn with and from your Davidson-Davie colleagues.
  • Because successful completion is required for teaching online and hybrid courses at Davidson-Davie.

Faculty Moodle Training

Faculty Moodle Training is an online, self-paced course designed to teach faculty how to use Moodle effectively.  The course covers basic layout, navigation, editing, activities, resources and gradebook.  The course can be completed in approximately 6 hours or less.  All new faculty are added to this training course.  If you are interested in the Faculty Moodle Training course, please contact us at learning_design@davidsondavie.edu