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Notepad with the handwritten heading "Confirmation Bias"

Getting Past Confirmation Bias

Getting Past Confirmation Bias Teaching isn’t easy, even less so when there are confirmation biases to overcome. Put simply, confirmation bias is how we tend to look for information that

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Wooden scrabble pieces spell the word "Play"


Gamify! Last week we here in Learning Design facilitated a workshop on Gamification. Building on that session, I thought I’d share another gamification strategy: the Weekly Challenge. This involves giving

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Illustration of Google Search box

How does Google affect memory?

How does Google affect memory? How does access to Google affect our memory and learning? More importantly, how does our belief that we’ll just be able to Google whatever information

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Tabletop Microphone and Davidson-Davie Learning Design Logo

Podcast Episode 2: Gloria Johnson

Podcast Episode 2: Gloria Johnson Welcome to Episode 2 of our Learning Conversations podcast! For this episode, we interviewed the Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL), Gloria Johnson who

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Easter Eggs

Embedding Easter Eggs

Embedding Easter Eggs A popular strategy for engaging students is using gamification. As you might guess from the name, Gamification, is essentially using game design principles to engage learners. While

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Person in living room staring at mobile phone


Microlearning Microlearning? Microlearning is a growing area of education. It’s been accelerated by the growth of mobile devices and the pandemic where people have been interested in expanding their learning

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