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Required Attendance Tracking

Attendance & Census Reporting for Membership Courses

Curriculum courses are membership courses, with the exception of face-to-face challenge exams and independent studies. Membership course attendance is documented as Present, Absent Excused, Absent No Excuse, and Late. The following video and document explain how to report attendance and census information in StormTrac (Self-Service).

  Membership Course Tutorial (Google Doc)

Attendance & Census Reporting for Contact Hour Courses

Contact hour courses are non-regularly scheduled courses. Attendance is counted as the actual minutes and hours that students spend in each class meeting. The following document and video explain how to report attendance and census information in StormTrac (Self-Service).

Contact Hours Tutorial (Google Doc)

Required Grade Tracking

Grades in Moodle

Instructors should maintain current grades for every course in their Moodle Gradebook throughout the semester.  Grades should also be exported from Moodle, at the very least, at midterm and after final exams for record keeping.  The Gradebook can be exported through the Moodle Administration block –>  Course Administration –> Gradebook Setup –> Export tab.  For assistance setting up a Moodle course grade book, visit our Moodle Resources webpage.

Grade Reporting in StormTrac (Self Service)

Final Grade Reporting Tutorial (Google Doc)