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Learning Commons Free Student Workshops

These workshops are currently available upon your request. All you will need to do is schedule an appointment with the subject area coach and in the comment box enter the title of the workshop that you would like to attend. During the appointment the coach will host the workshop one-on-one with you. For
more information please contact Carmen Hedrick at carmen_hedrick@davidsondavie.edu.

College Success

  • Fueling Your Brain for Academic Success
  • How to Study in the Sciences
  • Becoming a Successful Nursing Student
  • Effective Note Taking
  • Thinking About Your Thinking: Learning to Think Critically
  • Something to Say: 4 Effective Ways to Communicate
  • Developing “People Skills”: The Key to Successful Relationships in Life and Work
  • 9 Steps to Overcoming Indecision (Problem Solving and Decision Making)
  • 9 Ways to Manage Your Time
  • Becoming a Successful College Student
  • How Do You Learn? (Learning Styles)
  • Making Groups Work
  • Dream Big, Live Every Day: Daily Decisions to Help You Achieve


  • Style & Format: MLA
  • Style & Format: APA
  • Avoiding Plagiarism
  • How to Fix Your Writing: The Big Stuff
  • How to Fix Your Writing: The Small Stuff


  • Recording Business Transactions for ACC 120 & 121


  • GCF and Factoring Trinomials (2 parts) for MAT 171 and higher
  • Absolute and Relative Differences for MAT 143
  • Growth: Linear vs. Exponential for MAT 143
  • Introduction to Statistics: Key Terms, Sampling Methods, and Types of Studies for MAT 143
  • Finding and Interpreting the Least Squares Regression Line and Residuals for MAT 152
  • Discrete Random Variables and the Binomial Distribution Using Technology (Geogebra/StatCrunch) for MAT 152
  • Finding and Interpreting Confidence Intervals for MAT 152
  • Motion, Work and Mixture Problems for MAT 171
  • Using Your Graphing Calculator for MAT 171
  • Solving Systems of Equations Using Substitution and Elimination for MAT 171
  • Basic Trigonometric Identities and Verifying Identities for MAT 172
  • Translating Vector Word Problems into Mathematical Expressions for MAT 172
  • Completing the Square for Conic Sections for MAT 172
  • Review of Integration for MAT 271 Mid-Term

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