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Learning Commons Workshops

The Learning Commons offers free learning-based workshops for Davidson-Davie students. Each workshop is designed to be informative and empowering so you can take what you’ve learned and begin applying it to your studies. We offer a variety of topics each semester. Workshop offerings, dates, times, and locations are listed below.

Current Workshop Offerings

These workshops are currently available upon your request either in-person or online. Simply log in at davidsondavie.thinkingstorm.com using your StormTrac username and password to view scheduling options. During the appointment the coach will host the workshop one-on-one with you. For more information please contact Carmen Davis at carmen_davis@davidsondavie.edu.

College Success

  • Fueling Your Brain for Academic Success
  • How to Study in the Sciences
  • Becoming a Successful Nursing Student
  • Effective Note Taking
  • Thinking About Your Thinking: Learning to Think Critically
  • Something to Say: 4 Effective Ways to Communicate
  • Developing “People Skills”: The Key to Successful Relationships in Life and Work
  • 9 Steps to Overcoming Indecision (Problem Solving and Decision Making)
  • 9 Ways to Manage Your Time
  • Becoming a Successful College Student
  • How Do You Learn? (Learning Styles)
  • Making Groups Work
  • Dream Big, Live Every Day: Daily Decisions to Help You Achieve


  • Style & Format: MLA
  • Style & Format: APA
  • Avoiding Plagiarism
  • How to Fix Your Writing: The Big Stuff
  • How to Fix Your Writing: The Small Stuff
  • Annotated Bibliographies
  • Toulmin Method of Argumentation


  • Recording Business Transactions for ACC 120 & 121


  • GCF and Factoring Trinomials (2 parts) for MAT 171 and higher
  • Absolute and Relative Differences for MAT 143
  • Growth: Linear vs. Exponential for MAT 143
  • Introduction to Statistics: Key Terms, Sampling Methods, and Types of Studies for MAT 143
  • Finding and Interpreting the Least Squares Regression Line and Residuals for MAT 152
  • Discrete Random Variables and the Binomial Distribution Using Technology (Geogebra/StatCrunch) for MAT 152
  • Finding and Interpreting Confidence Intervals for MAT 152
  • Motion, Work and Mixture Problems for MAT 171
  • Using Your Graphing Calculator for MAT 171
  • Solving Systems of Equations Using Substitution and Elimination for MAT 171
  • Basic Trigonometric Identities and Verifying Identities for MAT 172
  • Translating Vector Word Problems into Mathematical Expressions for MAT 172
  • Completing the Square for Conic Sections for MAT 172
  • Review of Integration for MAT 271 Mid-Term