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Additional Testing Details

Please read these important details concerning the various testing options offered through Davidson-Davie Community College.

How to Make an Appointment

To make an appointment please visit https://learningcommons.acuityscheduling.com. Note testing dates provided by your instructor. When scheduling your test, be sure to allow enough time to complete your test before the center closes.

Student Responsibilities

  • Make Appointments: Students make testing appointments 24 hours in advance. Instructors cannot do this for you.
  • Bring Identification: A valid picture ID (driver’s license, school ID, work ID) is required. Students who fail to bring a valid picture ID are not allowed to test.
  • Get Accommodations: Students wanting consideration for accommodation testing should contact the Coordinator, Disability Services in the Brooks Student Center. Accommodations are provided for students with documented and approved disabilities.

Testing Guidelines

  • Students cannot test more than 30 minutes early. The time a student can take a test is up to the instructor. If a student disagrees with any of the testing instructions on the test’s cover sheet, it’s up to the student to resolve the issue with the instructor.
  • If a student arrives more than 15 minutes late for an appointment, then the test is rescheduled for a time at least 24 hours later.
  • Students cannot ask the Learning Commons to override testing instructions. Instructions from instructors are final.
  • Students cannot complete a test in multiple sittings unless their instructor has given permission on the cover sheet.
  • Students cannot talk, use cell phones or engage in any other activities that disturb the quiet testing environment. Cell phones should be powered down and disruptions may result in students being asked to leave the testing area.
  • Students cannot engage in questionable behavior (potential cheating). Any instances will be documented without accusation and forwarded to the instructor.
  • The Davidson-Davie Code of Conduct is enforced.

Special Accommodations

If you have special accommodation requests and have a plan with Disability Services, please mention your needs when making your appointment.

IMPORTANT: Reader and Scribe requests require a week’s notice. You will need to provide three potential appointment times when you will be available for testing so we can make arrangements with your reader or scribe.

High School Equivalency (HSE) testing through GED Testing Services

Computer-based HSE (formerly GED) testing is offered in the Learning Commons on the Davidson and Davie campuses. To register and/or see test dates, visit My GED Portal.

  • Testing candidates may arrive for testing up to 30 minutes early, providing the Testing Center is open for testing. It is recommended that students arrive at least 15 minutes before the scheduled start time.
  • A current valid issued government photo ID is required.
  • Testing candidates are encouraged not to bring personal belongings as they are not allowed in the testing room. Personal belongings will be locked and secured prior to testing.