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Starfish is one of the many tools we use to facilitate communication among academic advisors, instructors, students, and others who are here to support student learning. Starfish provides students with a central location to connect to the people and services that can help them engage with their educations. Below I have listed the various questions you may have about Starfish, for more information you can reach out to your academic advisor.

Three things students should to do in Starfish:

  1. Upload your picture and set your email preferences: Make it easier for your instructors and advisors to get to know you and stay in contact. Upload a photo so they will recognize you.
  2. Connect to people who can help you: Your Success Network shows your Assigned Advisor, Instructors, and others who are directly connected to you. Each person’s contact information and appointment scheduling options are visible to you. Browse the Service Catalog to find other offices available to you.
  3. Stay on track: Use your Dashboard to stay on top of upcoming appointments and recommendations from your instructors and advisers.

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