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Legacy LogoA First-Year Student Success Initiative

The Legacy Program (Minority Male Success Initiative) is designed to connect minority male students to campus resources, enhance their academic and personal experiences, help navigate roadblocks, and provide additional support as needed. Through the use of monthly meetings, mentor relationships, and self-evaluation the program guides its participants toward achieving the highest levels of academic, professional, and personal development.

In addition to providing services to students, this program also provides professional development to faculty and staff, conducts classroom presentations, and partners with various departments to better serve our minority male population.

Academic & Professional Development

Legacy offers engagement opportunities for EVERY MAN OF COLOR to increase the academic and social skills in the classroom, as well as prepare participants for career and lifelong success.

Providing Support

  • One-on-One Coaching – Weekly coaching sessions are available to assist in the areas of personal and professional success. Through individual and group coaching, learn how to set goals, plan strategically; execute and inspire others.
  • Networking – Connect with our Minority Male Mentoring Coalition and impact change by:
    • Discovering your voice
    • Meeting Campus Champions
    • Connecting and Sharing with peers
    • Shadowing Minority Male Professionals.

Fostering Growth

  • Professional Shadowing – Learn from off-campus professionals, and connect with Men of Color who can inspire you to dream, believe and achieve.
  • Leadership Now – Develop your personal and professional leadership traits by actively engaging in campus events, clubs and organizations.

Encouraging Enlightenment

  • Conferences & Workshops – Develop new skills while grow existing ones that connect with your passion and career pursuit.
  • Legacy Exploration – Experience off-campus opportunities that expands your ideas and understanding of the world socially, academically, and professionally.
  • Each One, Reach One – Become a peer mentor by connecting with prospective members. Foster peer-support for the First-Year Student Experience. Achieve service recognition among Legacy’s Hall of Fame.

Legacy Development

Through monthly meetings, campus activities, mentor relationships, and personal evaluations, Legacy assists participants in achieving their highest level of academic, professional, and personal development. 

Legacy’s goal is to prepare every minority male for success in the classroom and in life.