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Interview Preparation

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Career Development Resources for Effective Job Searching and Beyond

The resources listed will help you prepare for a productive and effective job search as well as enhance your career development efforts.

Interview Preparation

Career Development Services offers online and face-to-face resources to assist individuals in preparing for employment interviews.

Interview Coaching

  • Interview Coaching is available to students and alumni by appointment. This mock interview session may help individuals prepare for an actual job interview.
  • Individuals will be given the option of having their interview video recorded and emailed to them afterward.
  • The feedback that individuals receive will be valuable and may help to improve responses to common and career-specific interview questions and to recognize the value of your body language during an interview.
  • The interview coaching session may take up to an hour. It is recommended that individuals come prepared and dress appropriately for this appointment.
  • Individuals being interviewed may wish to schedule follow-up appointments if needed to continue to practice interviewing.
  • Schedule an appointment for Interview Coaching with a Career Counselor.

Other Useful Resources