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Resources & Strategies for Students with Disabilities & Medical Conditions

Issues with Wearing a Mask on Campus?

If you have a documented medical condition that prohibits you from wearing a mask on campus, you may be able to get an alternative option at the Disability Access Services office.  Wearing a mask keeps all of us safe while you are on campus; however, we also recognize that there are vulnerable populations that need alternative options.  Please contact the Disability Access Services office if this describes your situation. 

Resources & Strategies to Help

Electronic Textbooks

As students may have trouble finding textbooks or getting their books mailed to them, please check out the following information for assistance:

Strategies for Better Internet Access:

  1. Turn your cell phone into a hotspot to provide access to your computer if you don’t have High-Speed Internet.
  2. If you do not have a great signal and video/access is breaking up, disconnect or turn off other devices using the internet such as TV’s and Smart Home devices streaming content, disconnect your phone from WiFi if you are using your computer for access. Also, take turns using the internet with others in your household.
  3. If you have older wireless technology, you may have better speeds using a cable to connect to your cable router instead of using Wi-Fi in your residence.
  4. To make sure neighbors are not streaming from your service, change your password on your router.

Support For…

Please check below for different resources and suggestions available that are specific to your needs. Many resources can be used across varying disabilities, as these are only suggestions per disability.

Visually Impaired/Blind Learners

  •  Ease of Access Tools are located in the Settings/Control Panel in most Windows computers/laptops. The tools include
    • Narrator – an internal screen reading software
    • Magnifier – the ability to zoom in on parts of your display
    • Color & Contrast filters – change background colors
    • Display changes – increase the font, increase the size of the cursor, etc.
  • Alternative Screen Reading Software
  • Alternative Magnifying Software
    • ZoomText – free limited license until June 30.
  • Apps for the Visually Impaired & Blind
    • The American Federation for the Blind provides a list of apps for the visually impaired and blind. Please click to view the list: https://www.afb.org/aw/19/2/15128
  • Mac/Apple Users there are Mac Accessibility Shortcuts.  Please review the following page: Mac Accessibility Shortcuts

Deaf & Hard of Hearing Learners

  • Ease of Access Tools are located in the Settings/Control Panel in most Windows computers/laptops. The tools include…
    • Audio – there is a setting that will allow audio alerts to be visual alert.
    • Closed Captioning – there is a setting that will allow you to change how closed captions are displayed.
  • Free RelayNC Services can be used to support talking over the phone or interacting in live meetings with DCCC Instructors or Staff.
  • Consider using Google Meet for communicating with other students and instructors as Automatic Live Captioning is available in Google Hangouts/Meet.
  • Tips from the National Deaf Center: https://www.nationaldeafcenter.org/take-control-your-online-learning-tips-deaf-college-students
  • Miracle-Ear provides a list of apps for the hearing impaired. Please click the link to view the list: Miracle-Ear App List
  • The NCDSDHH Regional Chapter (Greensboro) holds virtual support group meetings. Let us know if you are interested in connecting with them to get the link to join.

Learners with Physical Limitations

Various Learning Disabilities (Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Reading, Math, or Writing Specific) Learners

Learners with ADD/ADHD

  • Succeeding In College With ADHD Website by CHADD
  • Strict Workflow is a Chrome add-on that will help you stay more productive at work by temporarily blocking social and other time-wasting websites. It blocks the sites for 25 minutes allowing you to work distraction-free and then will remove the block for 5 minutes. You can repeat until all your work is done.
  • Stay Focused is a Chrome add-on, StayFocused increases your productivity by limiting the amount of time you spend on time-wasting websites.

Autism Spectrum Learners

Learners with Anxiety & Other Mental Health Concerns

*Credit: This page was re-created from the inspiration of the NCSU Disability Resource Office
page. Rebecca Sitton is the Assistive Technology Coordinator, and she initially created the bulk of
the content for this page. Information was added and subtracted to suit Davidson-Davie Community College.