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Values & Goals

Academic advising is a cooperative relationship between the advisor and student that promotes individual learning, success, degree completion and goal attainment.

The Office of Academic Advising embraces the core values of Davidson County Community College (DCCC) which are as follows:

  • Community – caring about students, each other, the people we serve, and responding to their needs
  • Responsibility – teaching, modeling, and cultivating an attitude of self-direction for ourselves and students
  • Change – embracing collaboration, adaptability, creativity, innovation, and risk-taking
  • Excellence – committing to excellence in the programs and services we offer
  • Trust – embodying honesty, integrity, openness, equity, inclusion, and respect for all
  • Passion – pursuing our mission with purpose, joy, and fun

Based on the College’s core values, the goals for the Office of Academic Advising are to:

  • Assist students with identifying personal and professional goals related to future employment or advanced educational opportunities.
  • Foster in students skills towards becoming informed decision makers and self-directed learners.
  • Collaborate with students through the use of the College’s resources to promote degree completion.
  • Develop with students mutually agreed upon educational plans that empower them to appraise their progress.

Student Learning Outcomes

As previously noted, advising is a cooperative relationship between the advisor and student. The following learning outcomes have been established.

  • Students will know the importance of having academic and career goals.
  • Students will know the college’s academic policies and procedures.
  • Students will know the educational requirements for graduation in their chosen field.
  • Students will value the relevance of having an educational plan for completing degree requirements.
  • Students will demonstrate awareness of campus resources that accommodate and promote academic success.
  • Students will apply internet technology for managing their academic and career goals.
  • Students will evaluate their progress and if necessary modify strategies for achieving academic success.
  • Students will complete requirements for participating in commencement, as well as college transfer procedures according to the institution’s deadlines.