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How to Drop Courses

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How to Drop Courses

If the course has not begun, students may drop the course in their Student Planning account.  If you are using veteran benefits, please speak with your academic advisor before dropping a class or changing your schedule at anytime.

How to Withdraw/Drop Classes

  • Step 1.  Discuss with the faculty member their intention to withdraw.
  • Step 2.  After consult with the faculty member, if the student determines that a withdrawal is necessary, request that the faculty member initiate the course withdrawal process by submitting the electronic Drop Form.
  • Step 3.  Discuss with academic advising and, if applicable, with financial aid, the impact of the withdrawal on the student’s academic standing.
  • Step 4.  Once processed by the Student Records Office, an email confirmation will be sent with a link to complete the online Withdrawal Survey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important to officially drop courses?

If you just stop attending class and do not complete the procedure for dropping courses, the instructor will assign the grade earned.

Will I get a refund when I drop courses?

If you drop the course before the first day, you will receive a 100% tuition refund. If you drop the course between the first day and the 10% date, you will receive a 75% tuition refund. Tuition refunds are not given after the 10% date of the course.

Will I get a grade for courses that I drop?

If you drop the course before the 10% date, no grade is issued. If you drop the course between the 10% date and the 75% date, a grade of “W” will be issued on your transcript indicating a withdrawal from the course. A “W” does not affect your GPA. Students may not drop a course after the 75% date. However, medical withdrawals with proper documentation may be approved by the Registrar. Medical Withdrawal Form (log in using StormTrac username and password)

Will I have to repay financial aid for courses that I drop?

Possibly. For more information, please see a Financial Aid Counselor, Mendenhall 1st floor.