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Counseling, Health and Behavioral Services

Ask for Help 24/7

Davidson-Davie Community College partners with the My Group student assistance program to provide counseling by phone. Available to students 24/7/365, My Group’s counselors provide free confidential, short-term therapeutic services for you and your permanent household members, call the ASK Network (Student Assistance Program) at 1.800.633.3353 to connect with a counselor 24/7.

Campus Counselor

You can still schedule confidential counseling appointments in person or online.  Video counseling appointments are provided via a secure platform. In-person counseling appointments are currently available for students at Family Services in Davidson County with Electre’.

Electre Turner, B.S.W., M.S. 
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Campus Nurse

Kendra is available to talk via phone or videoconferencing for health-related questions. Speaking with Kendra should not take the place of discussing your COVID-19 or other health-related concerns with your physician and/or being seen in an office or hospital setting. If you need assistance finding a physician or medical service, Kendra can help you with referrals. 

Kendra Benson, R.N.
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Conduct and Title IX Meetings

Dr. Carnice McFarland, Director of Behavior and Counseling Services is available to meet with students for Title IX and behavioral issues in addition to providing confidential counseling services.

Dr. Carnice McFarland

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Self Help Resources

My Group by the ASK Network provides information on a wide variety of topics related to mental health and wellness. Topics include managing general stress, financial stress, strategies for coping, and more. Students can access this free resource at any time by going to mygroup.com or downloading the free mygroup app. Estos recursos estan disponsibles en español, tambien. 

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Davidson-Davie Community College is committed to assisting students with their academic, emotional, physical, personal, and relational needs and empowering students to develop the knowledge, practices and skills necessary for their long-term holistic wellness.  While serving as a resource for students, faculty and staff, Counseling, Health and Behavioral Services staff strive to cultivate an affirming, inclusive, and safe environment so students to persist and graduate.

Conduct and Title IX Meetings

We are available to meet with students, faculty and staff for conduct and Title IX-related meetings via phone and video.

 A Message from the Counseling, Health and Behavioral Services team

We encourage you to commit to taking care of yourself during this time and always.  You might consider practices such as exercising, being kind to yourself, monitoring your media consumption, enjoying a healthy hobby, connecting with others, and engaging in mindfulness activities.

It is important to each of us to continue providing support to our students and campus community.  We encourage everyone to make their physical, mental and emotional health a priority during this time, and we look forward to providing support.  If there is something we can do to assist you, please let us know.  We are in this together.