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Change of Email Addresses for Students and Employees

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Change of Email Addresses for Students and Employees

Why are our email addresses changing?

When the college name changed to Davidson-Davie Community College on January 1, we began the process of moving all of our systems to davidsondavie.edu. That included our website and many other online services. Email is just part of this process.

What will my new address be?

The first part of your address — your username — won’t change. But the end of your address will become @davidsondavie.edu, replacing @davidsondavie.edu.

When will this change occur?

May 15 – 21, 2021

You can start giving people your new email address on May 17, 2021. You should use the link on the college website to log into your email starting on May 17, 2021. The new link to log into email is mail.davidsondavie.edu. You will continue to receive email at your old email address ending in @davidsondavie.edu but you have to log in to the new link to access it.  

Will I lose my current email inbox, Google calendar invites, Google Docs, etc.?


Will my password change when my email address changes?

No, you will only change it when you are prompted to do so as usual.

I had my password saved in my browser/on my phone and I don’t remember what it is, what should I do?

You can reset your password from the College website > Current Students > Set up your StormTrac and E-mail accounts. Changing your password before your email changes will ensure you know your password and can log into your account when the new link to access your email is available.

Do I need to update everyone with my new email address?

Yes, you can start asking people to use your new email address on May 17, 2021. Email ending in @davidsondavie.edu will still be delivered for a while, but within a few months, all email needs to be addressed to our new @davidsondavie.edu address.

What other actions will I have to take?

You will see a new link on our website to log in. The new link to log into email is mail.davidsondavie.edu. You also will have to set up your email again on your mobile device, using your new email address. Users that sync up their calendars to Starfish may have to set those up again.

What about all the other systems like Moodle, Colleague, Zoom, Starfish, etc.?

We are working with these vendors to determine the best plan to update email addresses in bulk; however, email will continue to be delivered to @davidsondavie.edu email addresses for a period of time when we make the initial change.

Will I receive an email at the new @davidsondavie.edu address before May?

Maybe. Some of our systems allow us to upload the new email addresses ahead of time before making the final change. Please DO NOT use this email address until May 17, 2021, as we cannot guarantee its delivery.

So how many email addresses will I have?

Students will have just the Stormtrac formatted email first initial + last name + last 4 of your student ID  + @davidsondavie.edu but for a short period of time, you may see your old @davidsondavie.edu email address.

Employees should continue to use their current email settings for sending emails.  New aliases (first name + “_” + last name) for the new davidsondavie.edu domain have not been added.  All @davidsonccc.edu email addresses will continue to work.

I used my college email account ending in @davidsondavie.edu to sign up for Office 365.  How do I log into Office 365 now?

If you used your college email account to sign up for Office 365 you should continue to use that to log in to access Office 365.  That account will change later in the year and a message will be sent to notify you when the change will occur.

Why do I still see davidsonccc.edu on other web systems like Self-Service, Etrieve, etc.?

These systems will be changed over time. Students should use links on the college website.   Employees may find links on the college website but also the employee intranet.