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Semester Parking Advisory

Semester Parking Advisory

For safety reasons, Davidson County Community College parking regulations require students, faculty, and staff to park in designated spaces. The College understands that parking spaces may be limited during the first two weeks of class and therefore allows a grace period for parking in grass areas and along the service road.

The College will tow cars parked along curbs, along the service road and in grass areas. If your car is towed, you may contact Security or Campus Resource Officers to determine its location. The towing company is not responsible for vehicle damage that may result from towing, and vehicle owners are responsible for the cost of towing.

Also, please remember that cars parked along the service road are subject to ticketing by the Highway Patrol.

To avoid ticketing or towing, the College encourages students to park in marked, available spaces. Students may park in any available space (parking in a handicap space requires an official handicap parking permit).

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.