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Online Learning Tips for Students

Tips for Taking an Online Course

As you are adapting to online classes, please consider these tips for success in an online course.

Stay Organized

In the absence of seeing your instructor, plan out each week to help you stay on track.  Print out your due dates and create your own schedule. It will be up to you to meet those deadlines.  Use the originally scheduled face-to-face time for the course to tackle readings and assignments.

Identify Your Workspace

Think about the place where you will be doing your school work.  Find an area that is comfortable, quiet and free from distraction.  Avoid multi-tasking while focusing on your studies, but don’t forget to build in breaks.

Participate Daily

Check the Course Announcements forum within Moodle frequently.  Monitor your @davidsondavie.edu email address. Communication from your instructor or your course will come through that email account.  Read and participate in discussion forums often.

Reach Out to Your instructor

Don’t forget that your instructor is a real person and is there to help you.  Find your instructor’s contact information in the syllabus, and don’t hesitate to reach out. Your instructor won’t know if you have questions—unless you ask!  When emailing, be sure to identify yourself with your course’s name and section.

Build Connections

In an online course, you are a part of a community of learners.  Take the time to make connections with your classmates. You can create virtual study groups or chat sessions to help each other.

Know Where to Go for Help

If you have questions about your course, reach out to classmates, visit an FAQ forum, or email your instructor.  If you have questions about Moodle, visit the 24/7 Moodle Technical Support located also on the home page of Moodle.  Support is available via phone, email, or live chat.