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Moodle Audio Feedback Tool: Saving time and increasing social presence

Moodle Audio Feedback Tool: Saving time and increasing social presence

Illustration of person speaking and various check or "x" marks coming out of mouth

Feedback on student activities can be a powerful influence on learning and student achievement. Through feedback, we help students understand where they’re going, how they’re progressing, and what specifically they need to do to make better progress.

This can take a great deal of time.

One strategy for providing helpful feedback while saving time is using audio feedback. In short, providing a voice recording with your feedback in the place of writing out a paragraph of text. Did you know that Moodle’s text editor now offers a simple and convenient way to provide audio feedback? 

When grading simply select the microphone icon from the text editor, select ‘Start Recording’, and provide your audio feedback. Once you’re done, simply select ‘Stop Recording’. You’ll then be given the option to either attach your recording or if you’re unsatisfied, to record again. Once satisfied, attach your recording and save your changes to provide students with your audio feedback!

Moodle Audio Feedback

Moodle Audio Feedback


Note: While audio feedback can be a great tool, instructors are encouraged to be mindful of students who may be hard of hearing or deaf. It may be beneficial to poll students or use other means to discern whether audio feedback is best for your students.

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