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Strategic Plan

Goal 1: Student Success through Completion

Davidson County Community College will cultivate and engage in culturally responsive practices that foster attainment of high-quality credentials that contribute to meaningful employment or successful transfer through the following strategic directions:

  • Improve retention and decrease time to completion through efficient, guided pathways
  • Support student success and accelerate completion through targeted initiatives
  • Prepare students for success through participation in a comprehensive first-year experience with continued support through completion
  • Develop, implement, and assess campus-wide professional development
  • Partner with local and state agencies to meet workforce needs
  • Utilize data strategically to improve practices in all areas

Goal 2: Excellence in Teaching and Learning

The College will support the pursuit of academic excellence and optimize student learning that promotes equitable outcomes among learners from diverse backgrounds through the following strategic directions:

  • Utilize the results of learning outcomes assessment to improve teaching and learning
  • Recognize and celebrate faculty and staff
  • Recruit and retain a diverse faculty and staff
  • Engage students in academic and co-curricular activities
  • Implement customized learning supports that meet individual student needs
  • Implement support practices to promote student learning
  • Develop professional development opportunities to support innovation in teaching
  • Implement a communications plan customized for targeted student populations
  • Pursue alternate funding opportunities to support the strategic priorities of the College
  • Practice and promote cultural competence

Goal 3: Local to Global Connections

The College will strengthen engagement and partnerships to support local economic development and enhance global awareness through the following strategic directions:

  • Strengthen alignment of competencies and learning outcomes with industry needs through ongoing domestic and international business partnerships
  • Enhance communications with local K-12 and regional higher education partners
  • Respond to identified needs of our communities for well-trained and educated employees
  • Increase career connections for students
  • Expand programs, services, and partnerships to grow the Davie Campus
  • Enhance the perception and overall brand awareness of the College
  • Engage students in opportunities for global connectedness