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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Davidson-Davie

Ensure access and opportunity to each individual student to facilitate their success


The word diversity recognizes the wide variety of cultural, ethnic, religious, gender, economic, ability, educational and life experiences (to name a few) humans represent. Practicing diversity means demonstrating we are stronger as we value and embrace the richness that human differences bring to our educational, professional, political and social endeavors. (adapted from Simmons College)


Equity literally means fairness and impartiality (see definition). We use the word equity to demonstrate that no single way of being human or the human experience is privileged above another. Equity means we work to ensure that individuals and groups with varying gender identities, religious beliefs, economic status, physical or mental abilities, and ethnic and racial identities are fairly represented and treated equally with every other individual and group.


Inclusion is action. Inclusion is doing the work to empower and involve all individuals and groups; it is active participation by all members in the work and life of a community. It is welcoming, inviting and celebrating the unique experiences, skills, wisdom, and contributions of all. (adapted from Simmons College)


Equality is about ensuring that every individual has an equal opportunity to make the most of their lives and talents. It is also the belief that no one should have poorer life chances because of their identity or circumstances. Equality recognizes that historically certain groups of people with protected characteristics such as race, disability, sex, and sexual orientation have experienced discrimination. (adapted from the Equality and Human Rights Commission)

Our Equity Goal

To Become an Equity-Minded College

    Understand obstacles and think, consider and adopt (engage in) equity-centered practices focused on:
    - individualized support & opportunity
    -improving student access, transitions and outcomes

    Some students may need varied or additional support for equity to be realized

Equity Steering Committee

Keisha Jones (Co-Chair)
Laura Yarborough (Co-Chair)
Demetria Nickens (Co-Chair Equity Champions)
Emily Dietrich (Co-Chair Equity Champions)
Eusebio Velez

Ashley O’Donnell
Kendra Guffey
Susan Burleson
Cameron Shirley
Bonnie Williams

Bill Johnson
Glen Upp
Faculty Senate Rep (TBD)
Adjunct Faculty Member (TBD)

Equity Champions

Angie Abraham
John Allen
Lindsay Arthur
Cailin Asip
Amanda Ballew
Ebony Boyd
Kristin Briggs
Shareka R. Brown
Laura Brown
Susan Burleson
Mike Byrd
Paul Campbell
Christina Canon
Allison Carr
Sterling Charles
Sharon Childers
Mandy Christian
Melissa Coleman
Jennifer Corbett-Marshall
Carmen Davis
Julie Dillon (Co-Chair)
Jennifer Doyle
Cat Drader
April Edmond
Brie Elking
Debra Ford
Christy Forrest

Adrienne Friddle
Sydney Gallup
P Nathanael Gough
Kelly Greathouse
Monica Groce
Kendra Guffey
Elaine Guntner
Tim Gwillim
Eileen Hammond
John Hardee
Jasmine Hargrave (Co-Chair)
Darrin Hartness
Kim Hedrick
Amy Holmes
Susan Huneycutt
LaQuoia Johnson
Gloria Johnson
Jennifer Jones
Keisha Jones
Elle King
Amanda Klinger
Paula Langston-Ware
Martha Larson
Jody Lawrence
Katina Lee
Dori Lloyd
Susan Lohr

Kristi Louya
Bryan McCullough
Johnnie Mickel
Justin Nagpal
Windy Nash
Martika Nelson
Leah Neville
Demetria Nickens
Julia Ocel
Ashley O’Donnell
Mary (Abigail) Owens
Leann Pate
Lucy Phelps
Londa Pickett
Mark Puterbaugh
Marquita Richardson
Ashlee Rogers
Jason Setzer
Cameron Shirley
Leigh Stewart
Shawn Thompson
Phil Tietjen
Michael Tipton
Jenny Varner
Lynne Watts
Clair Wylie