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Our Equity Goal

To Become an Equity-Minded College

    Understand obstacles and think, consider and adopt (engage in) equity-centered practices focused on:
    - individualized support & opportunity
    -improving student access, transitions and outcomes

    Some students may need varied or additional support for equity to be realized

Equity Steering Committee

Dr. Rhonda Coats, Chair
Susan Burleson
Keisha Jones
Jasmine Hargrave*

Patti Alfing
Julie Dillon*
Dr. Debra Ford

Terry Phillips
Ashley O’Donnell
Amy Archambault

*Jasmine and Julie are co-chairing the work with the teams of Champions

Equity Champions

John Allen
Michael Anders
Amanda Ballew
Kristin Briggs
Catherine Browder
Shareka R. Brown
Susan Burleson
Darrius Campbell
Sterling Charles
Rhoda Coats
Melissa Coleman
Jennifer Corbett-Marshall
Brittney Cowan
Tina Cresong
Julie Dillion
Cat Drader
Alyssa Dunlap
April Edmond
Debra Ford
Nathanael Gough

Kelly Greathouse
Kendra Guffey
Elaine Guntner
Jasmine Hargrave
Darrin Hartness
Carmen Hedrick
Kim Hedrick
Susan Huneycutt
Candice Jackson
LaQuoia Johnson
Keisha Jones
Martha Larson
Suzanne LaVenture
Jody Lawrence
Audrea Lindsay
Dori Lloyd
Kristi Louya
Charles Mayer
Johnnie Mickel

Katelin Moss
Martika Nelson
Demetria Nickens
Ashley O’Donnell
Leann Pate
Lucy Phelps
Pat Phillips
Terry Phillips
Londa Pickett
Mark Puterbaugh
Nicholas Schilly
Jason Setzer
Carmen Shirley
Melissa Souther
Jill Storey
Alexis Long
Cailin Asip
Justin Nagpal
Sydney Gallup
Lana Cook