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Invest in Your Future, Vote YES on March 15, 2016 for the Connect NC Bond

Vote YES for the Connect NC Bond

Voters in North Carolina will have a unique opportunity to invest in their individual futures as well as the future of our beautiful state. The Connect NC Bond is on the March 15th ballet and aims to improve our higher educational system, state infrastructure and the North Carolinian economy as a whole.

Supported by Governor McCrory, the referendum proposes the majority of the funding is allotted for higher education in North Carolina, including the North Carolina Community College System. Should the bond pass, it will permit improvements to community college campuses across the state to meet the demands of a 21st century workforce. This means Davidson County Community College will have the means to create much needed space and programs that will directly benefit our students and the local economy.

No new taxes will be required now or in the future should the referendum pass. North Carolina has the capacity within its existing revenue profile to support the investments.

You can play a part in your future and your community’s by voting “FOR” the Connect NC Bond on March 15, 2016. Be sure you are a registered voter, go to your polling place and vote for the Connect NC Bond.

The Connect NC Bond will appear like this on the ballot:

The issuance of two billion dollars ($2,000,000,000) State of North Carolina Public Improvement Bonds constituting general obligation bonds of the State secured by a pledge of the faith and credit and taxing power of the State for the purpose of providing funds, with any other available funds, to fund capital improvements and new facilities for the State, including, without limitation, the construction and furnishing of new facilities and the renovation and rehabilitation of existing facilities for, without limitation, the University of North Carolina System, the North Carolina Community College System, water and sewer systems, the State’s National Guard, the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, attractions and parks, and the Department of Public Safety.