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Evaluating Courses

Davidson-Davie Criteria for Evaluating Courses with Significant Global Content

  • Course demonstrates intentional effort to prepare students to live and work in an interconnected world. Such preparation includes the ability to recognize and address issues and phenomena at global, international and local levels, as well as develop intercultural competencies. Course includes a substantial focus on one or more of the above abilities/competencies.
  • Syllabus explicitly lists learning outcomes that involve global learning as a result of participation in the course. One or more of these outcomes should develop cultural competency.
  • Assessment requires students to demonstrate learning that reflects the global dimension of the course.
  • Instructional media (text and/or supplemental resources) help frame the subject of the course in global terms.
  • Course includes assignments requiring students to grapple with global issues related to the subject of the course.

*Faculty of globalized courses are strongly encouraged to either require or give extra credit to students attending passport events.

Submission Guidelines

  • Copy of course syllabus, including specific learning outcome(s) that involve(s) global learning.
  • Attachment describing course assignments and assessments demonstrating that the course meets the above criteria.

Submit materials to: DCCC_globalscholarscourses@davidsondavie.edu

Note: These criteria have been adapted and modified based on the criteria developed by the Association of International Education Administrators (AIEA) and the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AACU).