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Free access to Microsoft Office is available to Davidson-Davie students and employees. Visit the Microsoft website with the button below. 

Get Microsoft Office

After accessing the Microsoft website, a valid .edu email address can be entered and an account can be set up. then, by clicking “Install Office” in the upper right corner, follow the prompts, which include downloading the software and installing. 

Office 365

A few things to consider:

  1. Users must call the college if they forget the password they set, we can and are happy to help.  We have been working on integrating this with Stormtrac but are not quite there yet.
  2. We can offer some support but installation will depend on the operating system, Internet speed and age of the computer being used.  Some users may not meet the requirements (Windows 10, etc.).
  3. Those without the right requirements can use Office online, which has limited functionality from the full installed version.
  4. Users can use Google Docs and Sheets and export those as Word and Excel files but sometimes the formatting is not accurate.  Sheets usually work pretty well. This may be an alternative for students with Chromebooks where appropriate.

Already have an account? Access your Microsoft 365 Account