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How to Establish a Scholarship or Fund

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Establishing Scholarships & Funds

The Foundation manages several types of funds including student support and programs/services enrichment. Scholarships may be established in memory or honor of an individual(s), company or organization.

Student Support

Funds assist students in overcoming obstacles that may impede their progress toward completion of their chosen program of study. These may include the costs of tuition, books, fees, unexpected medical expenses, transportation costs or childcare expenses.

Programs/Services Enrichment

Funds provide support for the enrichment and innovation of specific instructional programs and services to meet the needs of our changing community. The capacity of the College to develop and implement new programs and services is critical to the future of the College and the community. Funds are needed to nurture change and innovation among faculty, staff, programs and services through funding for challenge grants, staff development, program enrichment and resource development funds.

How to Establish a Scholarship

An endowed scholarship has a minimum principal of $12,000, which is permanently restricted for investment. Income on the principal provides annual scholarship awards. A named endowment can be established with an initial gift in any amount. It is requested that the minimum endowment level of $12,000 be reached within a five-year period. Scholarship awards begin after the fund earns interest income for one year. The endowed scholarship fund may be increased at any time.

Contributions to un-endowed funds may be given in any amount and directed for student support, programs/services enrichment, or to an Unrestricted Fund, which enables the College to respond rapidly to emerging program and individual needs. Examples of the use of Unrestricted Funds include scholarship funding, new program development, and assistance with tuition textbooks and other obstacles that might keep students from remaining enrolled and achieving educational goals.