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Purchasing Textbooks

Students have to option of using their financial aid or sponsorships from an outside agency to purchase their books from the Davidson-Davie Bookstore in person or online through the bookstore website during the dates listed below.

Fall I 2022

OnlineAugust 6-18, 2022
In-personAugust 8-19, 2022

Fall II 2022

OnlineOctober 8-20, 2022
In-personOctober 10-21, 2022

Spring I 2023

OnlineJanuary 1-11, 2023
In-personJanuary 3-12, 2023

Spring II 2023

OnlineMarch 4-16, 2023
In-personMarch 6-17, 2023

Summer 2023

OnlineMay 17-25, 2023
In-personMay 17-26, 2023

The charging deadline cannot be extended so ask a Bookstore associate about preordering any items out of stock during this time.  An email will be sent to your Davidson-Davie email account a few weeks before the beginning of each semester with more details.