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Current Students

Enrollment Information Session

The Enrollment Information Session (EIS) takes an hour and a half.  You will learn the ins and outs of enrollment at Davidson county community College.  In EIS, you will:

  • Learn about programs of study (majors) and the options available to meet your goals
  • Explore the connection between majors and career choices. You will complete a career assessment to confirm you major.
  • Learn if you need a skills assessment and what skill building is required to be successful academically.
  • Learn about Financial Aid and where you are in the financial aid process.
  • Take the next steps by registering for a New Student Orientation and Advising Session
  • Have access to enrollment, career and financial aid staff to answer questions or resolve issues you may have.

Register for the Enrollment Information Session

You should have received an email, as well as the New Student packet by mail, with all of your next steps which included the link to the Enrollment Session. You will need to your student ID (also found in your email/packet) in order to register. If you cannot find your New Student Packet, please email us at admissions@davidsondavie.edu.