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DCCC employee heads to Washington with Queen City Honor Flight

May 22, 2018 – On May 26, over 100 veterans will take off from Charlotte Douglas International Airport heading to Washington, D.C. One of those honored is Davidson County Community College’s Information Technology Specialist Ron Gregoire.

Nonprofit organization Queen City Honor Flight organized the trip.  Since 2005, Queen City Honor Flight has sent veterans in Charlotte and the surrounding area to Washington to visit the memorials dedicated to them.  

As a Vietnam-era veteran, Ron Gregoire said the trip began with his partner’s father in mind. As a 96 year-old World War II veteran, Leslie Agnello has experienced a great deal in life.

“Anything positive in life puts a big smile on his face,” Gregoire said. “He served during World War II in the Navy on the USS Wasp. I got him a hat with the Wasp on it, and it’s the only thing he wants to wear. He lights up when people come up to him after seeing his hat and thank him for his service.”

This will be the first time Agnello has experienced the monuments since their construction.

During the trip, veterans will experience a bus tour of the city and explore major points of interest. They will visit the World War II memorial, Korean War memorial, Vietnam War memorial and Arlington National Cemetery. Queen City Honor Flight has planned surprises awaiting the veterans to honor their service and sacrifice.  

Gregoire served in the Marine Corps during the Vietnam War in Kansas City in 1973 and 1974. He remarked that he experienced the negative attitude of soldiers many Americans felt during that time. Though he feels strange being honored, he is excited to see Agnello take in the experience and be celebrated for his service.

Following 10 years of service, Gregoire will retire in June from DCCC.

“I don’t see it as an end, merely the beginning of the next chapter,” Gregoire said.

Photo Caption:

Information Technology Specialist Ron Gregoire stands on the campus of Davidson County Community College. Gregoire will be traveling to Washington, D.C. on May 26 for the Queen City Honor Flight in recognition of his service as a Vietnam-era veteran.

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