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SPICE Certification Course for Dental Staff

SPICE Certification Course for Dental Staff

This SPICE course is for Dental Practice staff. It will provide the most updated information relating to blood borne pathogens, decontamination, disinfection, sterilization and waste management, personal protective equipment, hand hygiene, and medical asepsis, occupational health, and communicable disease precautions according to CDC Guidelines. This course has been approved by the Statewide Program for Infection Control and Epidemiology (SPICE) office to meet the Code requirements.

There are 3 ways to register. 1. Click the register button on this page, fill out all the boxes with *, and then pay. 2. You can call 336-224-4545 to ask for registration help over the phone. If no answer, please leave a message with your name and cell phone number. 3. You can come to the second floor of the Brooks (parking lot D, bookstore) building and pay in person.

Minimum Number of Students: 4

Contact Info: Monica Belford at Monica_Belford@Davidsondavie.edu

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