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“It is Crunch Time and I Need it All” — ALS TSOP PREP: The Full Monty

“It is Crunch Time and I Need it All” — ALS TSOP PREP: The Full Monty

We have all been there. It is time for TSOPS and as we stand in the hall waiting our turn, we
wonder if there is anything else we could have done to prepare. The answer is yes! Join this course
and walk into your TSOPS like a pro! In this course, you will review the fundamentals of scene
safety, medications, drug calculations, skills, and cardiac rhythms to ensure optimal preparation
for any TSOP thrown your way. Finally, you will put the fundamentals to the test in our virtual
learning experiences; scenarios where you get to make life-or-death decisions for patients.

Topics include:

Scene Safety PPE
Situational Awareness (1)

ALS Medication Administration (3)
ALS Emergency Medications (3)
Drug Calculations (1)

Skills and Educational Preparation (5 total for this section)
Acute Abdominal Pain
Cardiac Arrest
Allergic Reaction/Anaphylaxis
Toxic Exposure/Hazardous Materials
Altered Mental Status
Obstetrical and Gynecological Emergencies
Behavioral Problems

Dysrhythmias ALS (2)
12-Lead ECG: Interpretation (2)
12-Lead Comprehensive Practice (both practice lessons) (6)
Chest Pain for ALS (2)
Sudden Cardiac Arrest for the ALS Provider (6)

Practical Application
VLE Trauma – Abdominal Injuries (“Don’t Call me Gramps”) (1.25)
VLE – Medical – Seizure Management (Medic Alert & Patient Assessment/”It’s Just a Paracord
Bracelet”) (0.5)
VLE- Trauma Pediatric Trauma (“Don’t Make it Personal”) (1.5)

Attention Public Safety Personnel: For students registering for the first time in a Davidson-Davie Community College class that may be eligible for a fee waiver contact our registration office directly at (336) 224-4545 and provide name, address, etc., class information and the public safety agency you are affiliated with.

This training is provided by 911 eLearning Solutions. Students will receive an email from 911elearning on the first day of class with directions for logging into the online classroom. Any students registering after the start date should expect to receive the instruction email within 2 business days.

Contact Info: Dustin Gardner at Dustin_Gardner@Davidsondavie.edu or 336-224-4809

Course Offerings:

Course Code: EMS-4402AS-B1
Hours: 35
Location: ONLINE
Start Date: July 01, 2023
End Date: November 30, 2023
Notes: Review quiz must be completed by 11/22/23, 11:59pm