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Introduction to Direct Care Work

Introduction to Direct Care Work

This course introduces learners to direct care work (DCW) settings, what it takes to be a Direct Care Worker including academics, how to get & keep a job and other interpersonal skills training. Helps learners decide if DCW is for them. A DCW works in various settings to provide care for individuals of all ages who have physical, mental, and developmental disabilities or a chronic illness. Upon successful completion of the course, students will be eligible to take Direct Care Basics.

The State Board of Community Colleges grants permission to waive tuition and fees for enrollment in classes coded as Human Resource Development if the individual meets eligibility criteria. For more information, please download the registration form.


To Register: Complete the 2-page registration form and return to Leann Pate via email leann_pate@davidsondavie.edu or fax 336.249.9053.

Minimum Number of Students: 10

Contact Info: Leann Pate at Leann_Pate@Davidsondavie.edu or 336-249-8186, Ext 4791

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