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DRONE Mapping/Crash/Crime Reconstruction w/PIX4

DRONE Mapping/Crash/Crime Reconstruction w/PIX4

This is a 3-day course that will provide the necessary instruction on how to successfully process a crash or crime scene using aerial photogrammetry with Pix4Dmatic software.  The use of the Pix4Dcatch RTK mobile application and Pix4D viDoc hardware will be included in this course.  This course consists of classroom lectures and hands on work projects.  All software licensing and datasets will be provided for the duration of the class.

NOTE:  Students MUST bring their own laptop and must meet the following;

•Windows 10 or 11, 64 bits (Windows Only)
•CPU Intel i7, i9, Xeon, or AMD Threadripper
•GeForce GPU GTX 10 series, or RTX series
•Minimum of 32 GB of RAM however 64 GB+ RAM is preferred
•SSD with a minimum of 250 GB Disk Space
•Download and Install PIX4Dmatic on their computer


Minimum Number of Students: 6

Contact Info: Dwight Freeman at Dwight_Freeman@DavidsonDavie.edu or 336-224-4798

Course Offerings:

Course Code: EPT-3600I-1
Cost: $70
Hours: 24
Location: Davidson Campus, Public Safety Bldg., Room 107
Start Date: May 20, 2024
End Date: May 22, 2024
Time: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday