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Apprentice: HVAC Level I

Apprentice: HVAC Level I

This course will be the first level of a two part series. This course will cover basic refrigeration cycle, thermostat wiring, superheat and subcooling, sequence of HVAC operation and will put an emphasis on safety. Upon completion students will be able to identify basic components of the HVAC system as well as pressure, temperature relations, installation and copper tubing and soldering.

NOTE: Scholarships available.  Please email Carolyn Davis at carolyn_davis@davidsondavie.edu for more information.

Minimum Number of Students: 8

Contact Info: Ricky Joyce at Ricky_Joyce@Davidsondavie.edu

Course Offerings:

Course Code: APP-3200B-1
Cost: $236.50
Hours: 96
Location: Davidson Campus, Finch Bldg Room 114
Start Date: August 26, 2024
End Date: December 04, 2024
Time: 5:30 pm - 8:30 pm
Days: Monday, Wednesday and occasional Saturday
Notes: Last date to enter: 9/9/24. Course will meet Saturdays 9/14 & 9/21 from 9am to 3pm for OSHA training. No class 9/2, 11/11.