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Air Goes in & Out – Until it Doesn’t – ALS: Respiratory Overview

Air Goes in & Out – Until it Doesn’t – ALS: Respiratory Overview

In this course we explore why air goes in and out and what to do when it doesn’t.

Air Goes in and Out – Pathophysiology and Conditions
ALS Ventilation (2)
ALS Oxygenation (1)
ALS Capnography (2)
Respiratory Emergencies for the ALS Provider: Acute and Chronic Conditions (5)

Until it Doesn’t – Treatment and Management
CPAP vs. BiPAP (1)
Ventilator Management (3.5)
Rapid Sequence Intubation (2)
Chest Tubes (2)
Surgical Airways (2)

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Contact Info: Dustin Gardner at Dustin_Gardner@Davidsondavie.edu or 336-224-4809

Course Offerings:

Course Code: EMS-4402AO-B1
Hours: 21
Location: ONLINE
Start Date: July 01, 2023
End Date: November 30, 2023
Notes: Review Quiz must be completed by 11/24/23, 11:59pm