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Adobe Photoshop Basics

Adobe Photoshop Basics

Whether you are a photographer, digital illustrator, graphic designer, or someone who wants to alter family photos, photoshop is a great asset! This is an interactive course that will help you learn how to easily navigate Photoshop’s interface, crop and resize images, work with color to edit and manipulate images, combine aspects of several images into one professional image, work with layers and gain basic knowledge on how to use Photoshop’s many tools. The focus of this course is to introduce how to use Adobe¬† Photoshop as an asset for your business!

Minimum Number of Students: 8

Contact Info: Jessica Warren at jessica_warren@davidsondavie.edu or 336-249-8186 ext. 6334

Course Offerings:

Course Code: SGR-3100F-1
Cost: $156.50
Hours: 48
Location: Davidson Campus, Finch Bldg., Room 204
Start Date: June 13, 2023
End Date: August 10, 2023
Time: 5:30 pm - 8:30 pm
Days: Tuesday, Thursday
Notes: No class 7/4 & 7/6