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Community College vs. Four-Year University

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Which should you choose?

Many families find themselves asking this question, and for each student, the answer is different.

A community college can be less expensive than a traditional university and is designed so that students can choose to transfer credits to a traditional college or university later. Many people choose to take general education courses for two years at a community college before moving to a university. In part, by living at home, they save money. Others find that their career goals can be easily met by the courses found at a community college. These include many technical fields that larger universities do not offer.

The wide range of classes offered at a community college allows students who may be undecided on a career to experience a variety of fields without spending too much money in doing so. Often, you may not know what you like until you try it!

Statistically, students who transfer to a four-year institution from a community college are far more successful than those students who jump right to a four-year college or university. Many classes are smaller than universities allowing for a more hands-on approach between instructor and student. The more nurturing classroom environment is a sound way to help your child make a smooth transition from high school to college.

DCCC prides itself on offering tremendous value for students by providing a solid education while helping students plan their future whether it is for an immediate career or continuing education.

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