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Russia 2022

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History, Architecture and Culture in St. Petersburg

Summer 2022

Russia is the world’s largest country. St. Petersburg was founded by Peter the Great as the European capital of Russia in 1703. The city served as the capital of Russia during the time of the Tsars until 1917. Built on the delta of the Neva River, the city contains more canals and bridges than Venice, Italy and is commonly referred to as the “Venice of the North.”

Aerial photo of Cathedral in Saint-Petersburg. Russia. St. Petersburg at the summer sunset.

St. Petersburg is home to many palaces of the Tsars and important cultural landmarks of Russia. Known as the “Cultural Capital of Russia,” the city hosts several UNESCO World Heritage Sites including the Hermitage, one of the world’s largest art museums. The program built in partnership with St. Petersburg State University of Telecommunications will allow participants to explore the history, architecture, and culture of St. Petersburg.

This trip is intended for: Students, faculty, staff, and community members interested in the history and culture of Russia.

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Associated Course

All participants must take a HUM 180 course. It is a 3-credit hour course. The class will be a hybrid and will include online content as well as some face-to-face meetings. Community members will take a concurrent Continuing Education class. All participants will participate fully in all activities and abide by the guidelines for ethical service-learning set forth in the class. Participants will be offered different service-learning placements based on their field or interest.

Program Fee:

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Fee Includes:

  • Round trip Airfare
  • Accommodations
  • Ground Transportation
  • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner daily
  • Academic and Cultural Activities


TBD. Space is limited.


Davidson-Davie students can apply for a partial scholarship through the Davidson Davie Foundation. The deadline to apply will be late 2021 or early 2022. Check back later for updates.

Pell recipients also have the option of applying for a federal scholarship: the Benjamin A. Gilman scholarship, which could cover the entire cost of the program. See details on the “Apply Now” page.

First Trip Scholarship

South Africa is an eligible country for the First Trip Scholarship, which awards $750 to $1500 (determined by applicant need, destination, and availability of funds) to students that are traveling abroad for the first time. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis & students are encouraged to submit applications at least three (3) months in advance of departure. Please visit the First Trip Scholarship website for more information on how to apply.