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Approved Global Sections

Course NameCourse TitleFaculty
ACA-090Student Success StrategiesDebra Ford
ACC-122College SuccessDebra Ford
ACC-221Intermediate Accounting IISteve Richards
BIO-110Principles of BiologyAll sections as of fall 2018
BIO-111General Biology IBrie Elking
BIO-112Biology IIPaul Stevens, Brie Elking
BIO-163Basic Anatomy & PhysiologyBrie Elking
BIO-242Natural Resource ConservationJill Simpson
BIO-140Environmental BiologyAlison Pearce
BUS-137 Principles of ManagementJoey Goodman
BUS-258Compensation and BenefitsJoey Goodman
BUS-260Business CommunicationLatisha Feamster
CHM-131Introduction to ChemistryB. Gordon
COM-231Public SpeakingAllison Holmes, Julie Gunshenan
COS-118Salon IVWhitney Monroe
COS-223Contemporary Hair ColoringAmber Gobble
CTI-110Web, Programming, and Database FoundationPeggy Grotberg
CTS-120Hardware/Software SupportPeggy Grotberg
CTS-220Advanced Hardware/Software SupportPeggy Grotberg
DME-115Graphic Design ToolsJeffrey Pubantz
EDU-216Foundations of EducationSharon Carter
EDU-221Children with ExceptionalSharon Carter
EDU-234Infants, Toddlers and TwosSharon Carter
EDU-251Exploration ActivitiesHeather Parsons
ENG-111Writing and InquiryM. Williamson, Christina Kirwan, Victoria Raczenski
ENG-112Writing/Research in the DisciplineJ. Foster, Michelle Willamson, Christina Kirwan, Michelle Williamson
ENG-231American Literature IGrant Jolliff
ENG-241British Literature IChristina Kirwan, Emma Rogers
ENG-242British Literature IIGrant Jolliff
HIS-131American History ILucas Bruff, Gerald Bosch
HIS-132American History II Gerald Bosch
HSE-125CounselingAmanda Christian
HUM-115Critical ThinkingCat Drader
HUM-220Human Values and MeaningCat Drader
MAT-110Math Measurement & LiteracyKendra Guffey
MAT-143Quantitative LiteracyAll sections as of Fall 2016
MAT-152Statistical Methods IAmanda Klinger, Alketa Henderson, Kendra Guffey, Michelle McCullough
MAT-171Precalculus AlgebraAmanda Klinger
MUS-110Music AppreciationLisa Jeanes (online only), Dennis Renfroe, Aaron Prillaman, Taylor McElrath
NET-226Routing and Switching IIWillam Caudle
NUR-111Introduction to Health ConceptsAll nursing faculty
NUR-112Health - Illness ConceptsAll nursing faculty
NUR-113Family Health ConceptsAll nursing faculty
NUR-212Health Systems ConceptsChristine Johns
PED-111Physical Fitness IKatrena Wells
PHM-110Introduction to PharmacyLeigh Ann Norris
PHM-133Pharmacy ClinicalLeigh Ann Norris
POL-120American Government classTim Gwillim
PHM-140Trends in PharmacyLaquoia Johnson
PSY-150General PsychologyAmanda Christian
PSY-241Developmental PsychologyAmanda Christian
SOC-210Introduction to SociologyJoe Woodall

Inherently Global Courses

ARA 111Elementary Arabic I 
ARA 112Elementary Arabic II 
CHI-111Elementary Chinese I 
CHI-112Elementary Chinese II 
ENG-262World Literature II 
GEO-111World Regional Geography 
HIS-111World Civilizations I 
HIS-112World Civilizations II 
HSC-140Transcultural Healthcare 
HUM-120Cultural Studies 
HUM-180International Cultural Exploration 
INT-110International Business 
LOG-235Import/Export Management 
MAT-143Quantitative Literacy
POL-220International Relations (CAA)
POR-111Elementary Portuguese I 
POR-112Elementary Portuguese II 
REL-110World Religions 
RUS 111Elementary Russian I 
RUS 112Elementary Russian II 
SEC-175Perimeter Defense
SPA-111Elementary Spanish I 
SPA-112Elementary Spanish II 
SPA-211Intermediate Spanish I 
SPA-212Intermediate Spanish II

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