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Scholars of Global Distinction

Scholars of Global Distinction


The mission of the Scholars of Global Distinction program is to develop engaged global citizens who are prepared to be successful in our increasingly interdependent world. Davidson-Davie recognizes students earning the Scholar of Global Distinction award at graduation and on the College’s official academic transcript.


If you’re interested in the complexities and interrelationships among nations and peoples living in the 21st century, then this program was established to give you opportunities and incentives to learn more about global citizenry.

Benefits of Becoming a Global Scholar

As a global scholar, you will gain:

  • A competitive edge in employment opportunities that you can highlight on your resume
  • An academic distinction that will enhance your ability to transfer to the university of your choice
  • A certificate of recognition and a letter from the Davidson-Davie college president
  • A certificate of recognition from World View at UNC-Chapel Hill
  • An opportunity to wear the global scholars graduation regalia
  • An official designation on your academic transcript
  • Cultural competence to enhance your personal and professional future
  • Relationships and connections with people throughout the world

The Scholars of Global Distinction Program is fun! The program was established for students who want to explore the impact of culture, ethnicity, race, globalization, industrialization, environmental sustainability and access to natural and human resources through the courses they choose to take and the extracurricular activities in which they participate.

Application Process

Signing up for the Global Scholars Distinction Program is simple:

  • Carefully review the information on this site to become familiar with the program requirements


After you submit your application, the Global Scholars Coordinator will email you to set up an appointment to create your folder and track your progress toward completion

Program Requirements

The Scholars of Global Distinction award is documented on the transcript of Davidson-Davie Community College graduates who:

  • Complete 15 credit hours in courses designated as having globally intensive content with a grade of A or B
  • Attend a total of eight international “Passport” events, ideally at least two per semester
  • Participate in 30 hours of global experience through travel abroad or a domestic intercultural experience
  • Prepare a capstone presentation reflecting upon participation in global learning opportunities

Globally Intensive Courses:

  • All foreign language courses
  • Other courses are considered inherently globally intensive, such as HUM 120, INT 110, REL 110, HIS 111, HIS 112, HUM 180, etc.
  • Certain sections of other courses such as ENG 111, MAT 143, PSY 150, etc. which have been globalized by individual faculty members.


International Activities

Every semester, Davidson-Davie offers more than 30 “Passport Events” on a range of international topics. The intent is for Global Scholars to attend two international events per semester over a two-year period. Global Scholars will use a ‘passport’ to track these events. Passports are available in the International Education Center (Sinclair 123) or at the Student Information Desk (Brooks Student Center)

Global Experience

The 30-hour global experience requirement may be met through travel abroad or a local intercultural experience/service. Davidson-Davie offers several short-term study abroad opportunities each year. Students who cannot travel outside the country may complete a local project. Templates for different kinds of local global experiences can be found under the Resources tab. The experience is expected to be transformative and prior approval from the Global Scholars Coordinator is required.

Capstone Presentation

Each student in the program is expected to provide a 10-15-minute capstone presentation describing what they learned through the Global Scholars experience. The Global Scholars will submit written responses reflecting upon their participation in global learning opportunities at least 48 hours prior to their presentations.


Global Experience Templates – Use these templates to guide you through the global experience of your choice.

Study Abroad
Research and Advocacy
Personal Travel
International Business
FLTA Taught Language
Cultural Friend/Family
Narratives of Ireland Course

Global Experience Activity Log – Use this form to track your hours toward completion of your global experience (not required for study abroad option.)

Activity Log

Capstone Guidelines – Use these questions to reflect on all of your experiences in the Global Scholars program.  You will need to submit written answers to these questions at least 48 hours before your capstone presentation.  You should also address these questions during your presentation.

Capstone Guidelines