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Career and College Promise Frequently Asked Questions

General Enrollment Questions

The application is submitted through CFNC.org. Students are encouraged to talk to their high school Career Development Coordinator to determine eligibility prior to applying. Non-public students should talk to Victoria Raczenski on the Davidson Campus, or Sandra Porter on the Davie Campus.

No, eligibility is determined by the student’s grade level.

No, except for some non-credit (continuing education) courses taken on a self-supporting basis.

Yes, tuition is waived for summer classes, as long as the student is still enrolled in high school.

There is no maximum number of college credits that a CCP student can take. However, students must complete the entire CCP pathway before pursuing additional courses. All CCP participants must be making progress towards high school graduation to remain eligible.

Yes, CCP students can take online classes, as well as face-to-face on our Davidson and Davie campuses. We also teach college courses on some high school campuses.

CCP students enrolled in community college courses will be held to the same attendance and academic requirements as traditional college students.

Yes, if the drop is requested within the first 5 days of the high school semester. If not, the student must remain in the course per high school policy.

Funding Questions

Students are responsible for the cost of textbooks and materials.

*Lexington Senior High School and Thomasville High School students should contact their Career Development Coordinator prior to purchasing textbooks.

No, transportation is not provided.

*Lexington Senior High School students should contact their Career Development Coordinator about possible transportation.

High School Credit Questions

All community college courses included on the Comprehensive Articulation Agreement (CAA) will receive
AP credit. CTE and other courses not included in the CAA are not eligible for weighted credit. Ex: Welding
or Nurse Aide

Yes, students should contact their high school Career Development Coordinator for more information.

Transitioning from CCP Questions

No, students who are enrolled in CCP will need to complete the CCP Intent Form in place of a new online application. Forms are mailed to all seniors in January of senior year. Students may also pick up a form from their Career Development Coordinator in the high school. Completed forms are returned to Admissions.

No, Davidson-Davie has waived New Student Orientation for students who have successfully completed courses in the CCP program.

Students are assigned a new advisor after submitting the CCP Intent Form.