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Elementary Education Residency Licensure Certificate Program

Elementary Education Residency Licensure Certificate Program (C55490)

Davidson-Davie is excited to be designated as an Educational Preparation Program (EPP) for teacher licensure.

Completing your residency at Davidson-Davie is a more affordable and convenient option if you have earned a bachelor’s degree and are employed as a classroom teacher in a North Carolina school. Our program is designed to assist students in meeting licensure eligibility requirements through online instruction, on-site coaching and one-on-one support and mentoring from experienced K-6 licensed educators.

The State of North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) collaborated with the North Carolina Community College System (NCCCs) to develop the Cultivating Carolina Classrooms program to provide a streamlined opportunity in the community college that simplifies, aligns, and accelerates the pathway to elementary education licensure for people who have completed a bachelor’s degree and have obtained a position in a school system that requires a teaching license.

Davidson-Davie Community College has joined the Cultivating Carolina Classrooms initiative and is now an NCDPI approved Educator Preparation Program (EPP) that offers the following:

  • Fully online coursework
  • One-on-one mentoring and coaching with experienced K-6 educators
  • Fall and Spring enrollment options
  • Support for  the Praxis and edTPA

To be eligible for this program, individuals must meet the following requirements:

  • Employed or under contract for employment with a school
  • Earned a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university
    • The degree must meet the 24 hours of general education requirements as determined by NCDPI.  Any courses that you may be lacking can be taken at Davidson-Davie prior to enrollment in the Residency Licensure Program.
  • Earned an overall 2.7 GPA or higher
    • If your GPA is lower than 2.7, Davidson-Davie will assist you with additional coursework to reset your GPA prior to entering the Residency Licensure Program.

Elementary Education Residency Licensure Required Courses:

First Fall
EDU-270: Effective Instructional Environments

First Spring
EDU-272: Technology, Data, and Assessment
EDU-278: Instructional Strategies (ELA/Soc Studies)

Second Fall
EDU-279: Literacy Development and Instruction
EDU-277: Instructional Strategies (Math)

Second Spring
EDU-283: Educator Preparation Practicum

Total Credit Hours: 18
Total Tuition: Approximately $1,368.00

This program does not require a fall-only start. Courses have been created for students to start the program any semester.

Go to CFNC and apply to the “Alternative NC Teaching Licensure: NCCCS Cultivating Carolina Classrooms” and look for Davidson-Davie Community College.

Detailed Application Instructions:

  1. Visit the website, cfnc.org.
  2. Create an account. You can do this through “Sign In.” Required information includes: name, address, email, etc.
  3. Click on “Apply to College.”
  4. Go to “Application Hub.”
  5. Click on “Start an Application.”
  • The application will prompt you for a Residency Certification #; just click on the link provided in the application. Use the same login and password for your CFNC account. This process is to verify your NC residency status so that you receive in-state tuition.  This step only takes a few minutes. Have your driver’s license # and your social security # ready.
  • Choose the second campus option, “Alternative NC Teaching Licensure: NCCS Cultivating Carolina Classrooms”.  Select “NCCCS Residency Licensure Program.” You will specifically select Davidson-Davie Community College later in the application process.
  1. Click “Apply.”
  2. When you arrive at the field for “Educator Prep Program,” you will be asked to select your top three community college options. Please select “Davidson-Davie Community College” as your first option.
  3. Complete and submit all application information. You will need your college transcripts, as well as a letter of employment from your school district/employer.
  4. Once your application has been received, you will be contacted by a representative from the NC Community College System Office with your next steps.
  5. Finally, your application will be forwarded to Davidson-Davie for admission to the Residency Licensure Certificate Program. You will receive notification from the College acknowledging your acceptance, as well as the final steps of the process.