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WorkKeys is a system used nationwide for assessing and teaching workplace skills. WorkKeys is a series of assessments that measure real-world “hard” and “soft” skills, helping to ensure individuals have the right skills for jobs. It is designed to ensure that workkeysthe right people are staffing positions in your company. Based on WorkKeys scores in the areas of Workplace Documents, Applied Mathematics and Graphic Literacy, an individual may qualify for a North Carolina Career Readiness Certificate (CRC) at a Bronze, Silver, or Gold level.

What is the value of holding a CRC?

The CRC is a value-added credential that promotes skill attainment for the individual and confirms to employers that an individual possesses basic workplace skills in reading, applied math, and locating information—skills required by 85% of all jobs. The Career Readiness Certification (CRC) is an assessment-based credential that gives employers and career seekers a uniform measure of key workplace skills.

Why do I need to take the WorkKeys tests?

Many industries use the scores as part of the selection process for open jobs or for promotion purposes. You would take the WorkKeys test to meet the company’s requirements.


  • Applied Math* – $15.00
  • Workplace Documents* – $15.00
  • Graphic Literacy* – $15.00
  • Applied Technology – $15.00
  • Workplace Observation – $25.00
  • Business Writing – $25.00

*The Applied Math, Workplace Documents, and Graphic Literacy are needed for a Career Readiness Certificate. The combined total for these 3 tests is $45.00.

To take a test

  • Purchase the tests that you would like to take from the Business Office, located in the Brooks Center, on the Davidson Campus or from the Business Office, located in the Administrative building, on the Davie Campus. The Business Office hours are 8 a.m.–5 p.m., Monday–Friday. You can purchase a test and take the test on the same day or at another time.
  • Schedule your testing appointment by visiting https://learningcommons.acuityscheduling.com/schedule.php
  • Bring Photo ID
  • Take the receipt to Learning Commons on the Davidson or Davie campus and check-in at the Desk. Davie Campus tests are by appointment only.

For more information about the Career Readiness Certificate, WorkKeys, and to take practice tests, please check out the following links: